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Vedic Living
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The Experts here make sure that you learn in such a way that you can make a Proficient Professional Career after been graduated from The Vedic Living

Acharya Ashutosh sharma ji (President TVL)

About The Vedic Living

The Vedic Living is one of the countries’ finest Institute in the field of Vedic Sciences formed with a motive to bring Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Reiki Healing. Yoga & Meditation, Graphology, Colour Therapy, Energy Diagnosis (Home & Commercial Spaces) & Instrument training, Vedic Pujan and, Interiors all under one roof.
The trust is formulated with an aim to break the conventional patterns of the industry and bring out the fact based, well observed scientific knowledge that bursts the myth of Astrology being a mythological subject. The astrologer’s at TVL truly represent the new age of Vedic sciences.

The Vedic Living is a team of experts from various domains having an experience of more than twenty years in their respective fields. The team comes together to provide an overall personalized solution for every individual.

Mrs. Kalpana Kalpi Kumar (Celebrity Tarot Reader & Vastu Consultant) (Secretary TVL)

Me and The vedic living

Kalpana Kalpi is among countries leading Tarot-Card readers and Astrologers. She is a well known Scientific and Vedic Vastu Expert, Astrologer, a Numerologist, and Reiki Healer who started her journey to explore and learn the world of spirituality and religion a decade ago. A teacher and trainer for over 15 years by profession, she is a widely known Tarot Card Expert by Passion. Kalpana has dig deep in the secrets of the Vedic sciences due to her curiosity and keen interest in the field.

Kalpana, the secretary of the trust of The Vedic Living, comes from a highly traditional family that cherishes and celebrates the cultural values and believes in the traditions that are passed on from one generation to the other. Perusing.

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