Crystal Therapy

Advanced Crystal Course by The Vedic Living covers more intricate and specialised topics from the basics to advanced. Here is a generalised outline of what such a course might include :

Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques :

Deeper exploration of crystal healing principles, including the properties and energies of specific crystals.
Advanced techniques for using crystals to balance and align energy centers.

Crystal Grids and Layouts:

In-depth study of creating and using crystal grids for specific purposes.
Advanced crystal layouts for various healing intentions.

Advanced Crystal Programming :

Techniques for programming crystals for specific healing purposes.
Exploration of the relationship between intention setting and crystal programming.

Crystal Grids Making :

Understanding the preparation and application of crystal elixirs.
Advanced methods for using crystal essences in healing practices.

Crystals and Chakras :

Detailed study of the correlation between crystals and the chakra system.
Advanced techniques for balancing and activating chakras using crystals.

Advanced Crystal Meditation:

Incorporating crystals into advanced meditation practices.
Harnessing crystal energies for deep spiritual experiences.

Research and Case Studies:

In-depth Analysis of research studies related to crystal healing.
Examination of advanced case studies to understand complex healing scenarios.

Practical Workshops and Projects:

Engaging in hands-on workshops and projects to apply advanced crystal concepts.
Collaborative exercises to explore creative ways of using crystals in healing.

Ethics and Professional Practice:

Ethical considerations in providing crystal healing services.
Advanced communication skills for consultations with clients.

Advanced Certification:

Successful completion leading to An Advanced Certification in Crystal Healing from The Vedic Living Institute.