About Energy Detection and Instrument Training

Atoms make up both the human race and the rest of creation.Energy vibrating at various frequencies resides at the centre of each atom. Like radio waves and musical tones. The study of energy and the relationships or interactions between its frequencies is known as atomic physics. Power and interconnected relationships. 

While the detection and Instrument training are still at a very nascent stage in India, the industry has expanded in American and European countries in last few decades. Many International government and private agencies not only adapt the concept of vedic living, but they promote the idea of a healthy construction to balance the natural and unnatural elements. Amongst the very few Indian organizations that practices and teaches the detection of negative energies and instrument training, The Vedic Living is one of a kind.


How Vedic Living Works

TVL (The Vedic Living) provides 360 degree solutions to your problems going by the means of Vedic Science eliminating everything that speaks for plain myths. The experts of TVL detect multiple energies that hold power to influence our physical, psychological or social health.

However, since most of these energies have been present for a long duration and located underneath the surface, sometimes present deep in the ground, it is quiet difficult to detect them easily. Hence, to ensure that they are detected and the nature of such energies is well understood, our experts use a set of special instruments. These instruments help aid in detection of energies and their variations and the degree to which it may cast its influence upon each individual.

Through TVL’s energy detection and the usage of instruments in the apt manner, you may master one of the most hidden sciences of the world.

Methods Used By Our Experts

Experts at The Vedic Living use and train some of the best instruments such a:-

  • Lecher Antenna
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Lux Meter
  • Dowsing
  • EMF Tester

Detection of some of the energies and radiations those are most important as per our experts to recover the Sick Building Syndrome. Factors such as EMF radiation, temperature and humidity, sound decibel level, comfort levels of lights and visuals, intuitive skills and hidden path, level and degree of cosmic energies, telluric energies, global channel, geopathic stress, paranormal energies, black magic effects and many more play a critical role in the making of a healthy and happy home or a profitable property.

The classes at The Vedic Living are entirely based on practical application of each concept. Hence, to put the learnings of each student, our experts boost the number of practicals in each class. While TVL is known for its extensive yet rigorous course curriculum, the practices make it India’s best institute of Vedic Sciences.