What is Astrology?

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” Dane Rudhyar.

At TVL we believe that the science of Astrology is one of the greatest gifts by the creator to humankind. Astrology is pathway through which we as individuals unfold the hidden secrets of the greater world that help us walk through the right direction, and it is the language through which our stars communicate with us at different stages of our lives.

Astrology is not just about finding what’s in store for us in next few weeks, but it even helps us in looking at the bigger picture that helps us in preparing a roadmap to our future and finding resolutions to avoid confusions and reduce mishaps that might obstruct one to be successful. It is the only divine science that helps you gain insights into your future with the help of numerous scientific and mathematical calculations, data interpretation and charts that are brought together to read one’s horoscope that helps one look into one’s childhood, education, career, love-life, married-life, children & family, property, health, and old age.

How Astrology Works

As individuals, we like to consult the best doctors for the smallest of issues related to our health. Then why not consult the best and qualified astrologers before taking any steps towards a better and brighter future? To make sure that your journey is smooth as you progress, TVL astrologers aim to connect you with the best professionals of the fraternity.

We all believe that this world is a stage, and we’re merely players. But, we are unaware of our roles and to explore our talents, and to reach to our destined point, we need some Astrological forces to guide us through this. It helps you explore your passions and talents and helps you in contributing through it to the greater good and well-being of the world. It further helps us analyze the period when any situation is most likely to occur in our lives. It is important for us to understand the science of astrology and not to fear from it since it opens doors to many solutions that help us lead a happy life.