About Antarman Meditation

Meditation is an art of creating about a balance in our mind and body. While the trip is deeply enriching, it is a spiritual journey towards fulfilment, and connection with the ultimate superpower, GOD. As much as it brings you inner peace, it is a means to open doors to self healing. One of the best ways of energising oneself is the ‘Chakra Meditation’. While it is undoubtedly the best medium to establish a connection with our mind, body and soul, it is to arouse positivity, rejuvenate, heal, and remove all kinds of blockages and negativity. Such techniques not only lay a foundation of peaceful life but positivity and well being in and around.

Why The Vedic Livng ?

The Vedic Living is India’s leading organization to help you heal your bodies by learning and practicing the right set of exercises and techniques taken from the vedic sciences. Our experts guide each individual in practicing these techniques and exercises in activating all five senses and with time, they help you activate your sixth sense. Along with that, TVL’s experts guide you through the activation of the neuron cells of human body along with the techniques of acupressure in order to balance different elements in our bodies.

Effect Of Antarman Meditation ?

Meditation and Yoga is all about healing and empowering one’s mind, body, and soul. Hence, team TVL not only focuses on the activation of chakras, but also help you boost your productivity in personal and professional lives through these sessions. Meditation and Yoga sessions also include guidelines on the consumption of different kinds of food and lessons on how one can recover from diseases through the simplest of exercises. Through these sessions, you will also be able to balance your hormones and will be able to activate mid-brain with the help of pineal glands and pituitary glands which are key factors that enhance productivity.

Students shall also learn the tricks to how one may attain desirable results in an interview or project. Furthermore, classes on Dowsing and intuitive knowledge are also a integral part of Meditation and Yoga classes at The Vedic Living.