What is Vastu Shastra

Advanced Principles of Vastu:

Deeper exploration of Vastu principles and their applications.
Advanced understanding of the relationship between cosmic energies and built environments.

Specialized Vastu Techniques:

In-depth study of specific Vastu techniques for various types of structures (residential, commercial, spiritual, etc.).
Advanced methods for harmonizing energy in challenging spaces.

Foundational Principles:

Understanding the five elements (Pancha Bhoota) and their significance.
The role of directions and energy flow in Vastu.

Vastu Purusha Mandala:

In-depth study of Vastu Purusha Mandala and its application in design.

Vastu for Specific Structures:

Detailed guidelines for designing and constructing specialized structures like temples, meditation centers, etc.
Understanding the unique energy dynamics of different types of buildings.

Advanced Remedial Measures:

Comprehensive study of advanced techniques to identify and rectify complex Vastu doshas.
Practical implementation of sophisticated remedial measures.

Astrology and Vastu Integration:

Exploration of the connection between Astrology and Vastu Shastra.
Advanced techniques for aligning architectural design with astrological considerations.

Research and Case Studies:

In-depth analysis of research studies related to Vastu Shastra.
Examination of advanced case studies to understand complex scenarios.

Sacred Geometry and Vastu:

Advanced knowledge of sacred geometry principles in Vastu.
Applying geometric concepts to enhance energy flow in architectural design.

Practical Workshops and Projects:

Engaging in hands-on workshops and projects to apply advanced Vastu concepts.
Collaborative exercises to solve complex Vastu challenges.

Advanced Professional Ethics and Consultation Skills :

Ethical considerations in dealing with intricate Vastu scenarios.
Advanced communication skills for consultations with clients.

Advanced Certification:

Successful completion leading to an advanced certification in Vastu Shastra from The Vedic Living Institute under the guidance of Dr Ashutosh Sharma.


Vastu is not just an age-old Indian tradition but a science that deals with the various forms of energy like solar, lunar, cosmic, wind, light, magnetic as well as thermal. If these energies are balanced, they are believed to bring happiness, prosperity and peace to a living place. Thus, it is important that any property be built as per Residential & Commercial Vastu norms. If the building hasn’t been designed from a vastu-centric approach, one can easily rearrange things to conform to Vastu standards without demolishing it.

A non-Vastu centric property can lead to certain minor and major health concerns such as imbalanced blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, insomnia, etc as well as other issues related to finances, relationships, and professional hurdles.


Why People Choose VASTU

Attracts More Wealth:-
Money is a common denomination to facilitate us in getting what we want in this material world. Having a Vastu compliant home helps attract money. There is an exponential growth of cash. That stage onwards money starts flowing in regularly.

Creates Financial Security:-
Finance is the heart and soul of every business. Vastu attracts the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets. Once you follow the right Vastu principles for your organization or business, you get a secure and fruitful finance in your company.

Generates new opportunities:-

If you feel that you are stuck in your life; you don’t have the job or work that goes well with your skills and knowledge, or you just want to expand the horizons, then Vastu is all you need in your life. Try it and see what series of opportunities life presents before you!

Strengthens Bonds And Relationship:-

The purpose of making a home is maintaining the family bonding and the building healthy relationships in order to lead a successful life. Vastu is proven to beneficial in restoring the family bonding and harmony.

Brings Joy And happiness:-

The source of eternal joy lies within you only, but due to external environmental factors, you are not able to feel the happiness. When Vastu Shastra is applied at your home and workplace, then you start reconnecting to the source of joy and happiness within you.

Know About Your Vastu

How We Work For You

Vastu has certain ground rules on which most predictions are based. However, to derive the most accurate results, the basic principals of Vastu must be coupled with that of the astrological chart of the residents of that property. This ensures that Vastu is truly and effectively applicable and brings desired positive results in the long run.

Team TVL begins with their CASE STUDY that is based on the family history that is built on their mental, psychological and physical health combined with their preferences. Post the background research, the next step is to DETECT ENERGY of every spot of the property with the help of scientific instruments like Lecher Antenna, Lux Meter, sound level meter, thermo hygrometer etc which might take upto six hours.

Focus Area-

It is focused on the inner and the surrounding space of the property and involves a multitude of segments to work on like for example, Hartman Grid, Curry Grid, Lay-Line, Geopathic Stress, Negative energies, Spirits, paranormal energies, black magic, and the energies in environment,  along with Sick Building Syndrome, energies of plants, balancing energies of all individuals living in the home, temperature, sound levels, intensity of light, humidity etc.
Post the visit of our experts, the derived conclusions are fused with astrological and numerological calendar of the consultant.

It is then that the final report shall be made focusing on the primary requirements and the needs of Vastu on the property. We highly believe in bringing the most cost effective remedies that are easy and practically applicable without demolishing the infrastructure of the home you built with love and affection.