What is Color Of Science?

A lot of us are truly intimidated by the colour galaxy. However, most of us are not exactly aware of the real reason behind it. As much as it is visually appealing, it impacts our lives in some way. Each shade of a colour is said to make a mark onto us in a hundred different ways. But what is more important here is how and why? At The Vedic Living, we find explanations to all such questions and learn about the Science of Colours in depth.

Most of us are well aware that colours are not just plain visuals for the human eye but has some significance attached with it. You may have some favourite colours or a set of colours that you use on special occasions or while performing a ritual and perhaps you may have a lucky colour too. However, it is a hard to ignore fact that while each colour creates an impression on your mind, it also impacts your personal and professional lives and events associated with it.

While the term ‘Jyotish’ itself talks about the science of light and colours, i.e.; Jyoti= Light+ Ish= Knowledge, it is best to understand which of the many colours impact your future and present positively.

Focus Area

The Vedic Living focuses on finding the links between Science, colours and their connections with human physiology.

Our experts deeply focus on the influence of each shade and the degree in which it is said to impact our everyday lives and majorly to our emotional, psychological and physical health. We are focused on drawing connections with the individual’s horoscope and the set of challenges in the present stage of everyone’s lives. Once that is identified and studied in detail, our experts suggest a multitude of methods to heal them by using specific colours that shall impact each person positively. Interestingly enough, our suggestions are not simply based on plain myth but, are backed with extensive research in the field of science.  While each planet is said to represent its own set of traits and colours, our experts guide every individual to use the colours in everyday life to influence their stars, in order to bring about a change in their journey.

Facts About Color Of Science

The commonly known fact here is that each planet denotes a specific colour that may bring positivity and prosperity in many ways alone.However, sometimes a combination of any two peaceful planets in the same house can fuel some troubles.

For example, while Mercury and Jupiter are said to be quite peaceful planets, together they may arise deadly battles. Hence, each colour that is suggested to you must be aligned with your horoscope. The experts at TVL have spent years to study the behaviour of each planet, the colours associated with them and the way they impact each person differently. Each detailed consultation and class at The Vedic Living is a result of the hard work of our experts. While India may have only a select few professionals in the very field, TVL’s experts are certainly one of the top consultants and professors who have come together to share their wisdom and knowledge with everyone who is willing to learn and eventually master the field. For enquiring about the consultancy and classes, you may get in touch with our experts right away.